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Manage your spending regularly can help you grow your savings. This calculator helps you prioritise your needs and wants and look for non-essential expenses you can cut to save money. You can save the results on your computer, print out and do it later, or you can download the tool and use it offline.

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  • Family and friends

    Interest class / Activities HKD
    Clothing HKD
    Toys HKD
    Pocket money HKD
    Treats and gifts HKD
    Celebrations HKD
    icon-plus Others HKD
  • Food and drinks

    Grocery shopping HKD
    Eating out HKD
    Snacks HKD
    Coffee HKD
    Alcohol HKD
    icon-plus Others HKD
  • Health and beauty

    Health supplements HKD
    Cosmetics and skincare products HKD
    Beauty and fitness HKD
    Hairdressing HKD
    Eye-care / Glasses HKD
    icon-plus Others HKD
  • Leisure / Lifestyle

    Lottery and gambling HKD
    Interest class HKD
    Reading HKD
    Games HKD
    Movies / Drama HKD
    Music HKD
    Sports HKD
    Photography HKD
    Cigarettes HKD
    Bars / Clubs HKD
    Exhibitions HKD
    icon-plus Others HKD
  • Shopping

    Furniture and home appliances HKD
    Household goods HKD
    Mobile phone HKD
    Computer / Tablet HKD
    Clothing and footwear HKD
    Accessories (eg jewellery, watches, handbags) HKD
    Personal care products HKD
    icon-plus Others HKD
  • Transport

    Fare - taxi HKD
    Motor vehicle purchase / Rental HKD
    icon-plus Others HKD
  • Travelling

    Tour HKD
    Transportation HKD
    Accommodation HKD
    icon-plus Others HKD
  • Others

    icon-plus Others HKD
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